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Online Coaching

At Absolute Performance, we believe that having a dedicated coach and customized programming to fit your needs are the keys to getting results. That’s why we provide online coaching for every aspect of fitness no matter where you train.

At AP, we train athletes from all ages, sizes, and skill levels. Whether you are a high school/college athlete looking to get faster and more explosive, or just someone looking to get in great shape and move pain free, we can provide the program and coaching that best fits you.

What online coaching with Absolute Performance can do for you:

  • An in depth assessment of movement capability, posture, and function
  • Provide specific programming geared toward your body and your goals
  • Video analysis of technique
  • Weekly video chat sessions to adjust training programs and maximize results
  • Weekly review of training sessions
  • Nutritional Recommendations

Make the investment in yourself. Compare to your membership to that local gym or the sessions you have spent on personal training year after year that accumulate little or no results. Or how about that coffee that could be costing you $4 per day and over $120 per month. Wouldn’t you agree that having a personal coach and program to gain the results you truly want is worth a bit more?

After we have received your initial info we will schedule a skype or phone consultation to discuss goals, programs, equipment, schedule, and the coach to best fit your needs. During this consultation we will:

  • Set goals for training and recovery
  • Begin to outline our programming and movement patterns
  • View and address postural imbalances or weaknesses
  • Set training schedule and timeline

Price: Our price ranges from $199 per month to $499 per month, based off of the level of commitment and number of training sessions per week.

Once we are up and running with programming and training protocol the next step is to complete weekly check-ins reviewing form, recovery, how each session felt, and weekly results. We will choose 1 hour per week to skype and review making adjustments as needed.

So what are you waiting for, if you think this is a good fit for you fill out the form above and let’s get started!

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