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CrossFit AP is unique in that you are being coached through every workout you attend. You will not be left standing around fending for yourself. CrossFit classes are 60 minutes, include a warm up/mobility, skills practice, strength work, accessory exercises and a conditioning WOD. Skill sets you will learn include power lifting, Olympic lifting, kettlebell training, bodyweight training, rowing and gymnastics. We are constantly looking to improve with safety in mind. CrossFit is scalable and adaptable to everyone’s fitness level.

CrossFit Competition Training

The sport of CrossFit is constantly changing and always providing new challenges to push peak performance to the highest level. Our competitors program is designed to provide you the serious CrossFit athlete with individualized programs to develop high levels of skill, strength, endurance, and speed in order to compete at a higher level. If you are a competitive athlete and interested in competing, CrossFit AP Competitors program may be for you.

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids combines gymnastics, body-weight calisthenics, and weightlifting elements to develop your child’s cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, power and coordination.  Your child has a great opportunity to maximize his or her physical skills when exposed to this stimulus during years of peak development, and the elements are combined to keep them engaged and entertained, while teaching them proper movement mechanics and creating a broad athletic foundation.  The philosophy of CrossFit Kids is to pair fitness and fun, thus creating a lifelong love of health and fitness for your child.

Olympic lifting

This class is centered on the Olympic lifts and are based upon building sound skill and technique throughout range of motion for each exercise. This class allows you to participate in small class settings solely focusing on developing specific skills that will help you improve the clean, jerk, and snatch. We work through many accessory exercises and critique from all angles the development of each lift.

Constantly Varied


Functional Movement

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