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9.22.17 Friday


9.22.17 Friday


Mob: FR Quads/Hams x2min + Banded Knee Tuck x1min ea


2 rounds:

MB Clean x10

X Band Walks x20y

Spiderman w Reach x5e  


Skill: Clean Tech   

Oly W/U 1×5 BB/PVC    

3 pos Clean (ak, bk, fl) @ 55-60%   



Strength: Box Squat w/ Chains   

Work up to Heavy Triple

10m CAP


WOD: CHoice

Teams of 3 switch every 30s most calories accumulated in 10mins



Prowler Suicide 5-10-15 (heavy)

SB 2/1 Ham Curl x6e

Seated Band Row x15-20

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