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8.15.16 Monday


8.15.16 Monday



Mob:Deep Squat Breathing x5 breaths + Wall Slides x10


2 Rounds:

Wall Press Deadbug x5ea

1 Leg Froggers x10ea

Scap Pushups x10


Skill: Snatch Tech

1×5 Oly Warmup

Then EMOM x8mins

1 PS (floor) + 1 Snatch BK @ 50-55%


WOD: Partner WOD (16 Min CAP) ea partner alt to complete 21 cal then 21 burpees then both partners can Jump Rope together until they have both completed the necc reps then move to the next round of 15


Cal Row

Burpees over Rower

50 DU After each Round

Strength:3 sets

DB 1 Arm Row x15ea

Sled Drag x100yd

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