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6.6.17 Tuesday


6.6.17 Tuesday


Mob: Calf Smash x1-3m + Ankle Series Walks x50y ea


2 Rounds:

Inchworms w Pushup in Place x8

Plate Counterbalance Squat x10

Plank w Reach x6e


Skill: Pistol tech   

2x5e Heel Touch +

2x30s Calf Stretch    

3x5e KB wtd Pistol  (can use counterbalance)

2×8-10e BW Pistol (can replace with elevated heel touch)


Strength: BB Back Squat w Chains

4×5 (alt btwn Box and free) @ RPE 7


WOD: 8 min AMRAP   

Row 250m

10 T2B

10 Box Jumps  (24/20)  




Addt’l Strength: 3 sets

SB Ham Curl x15-20

Rev Hyper x20

Strict T2B x10

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