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6.3.16 Friday


6.3.16 Friday



Mob: 90/90 Hip Lift x5 breaths + Ring Row Deep Squat Breathing x5


2 rounds:

Band Tri Ext x25

MB ATW x10ea

Inchworms x10yds


Skill: MU Transition

2×8 RG Ring Rows

2×5 BW Transitions


5×3-5MU Rest as needed


WOD: 5 Rounds


:30sec of MU

:30sec Rest

:30sec of Burpee Box Jump Overs

:30sec rest

:30 sec Cal Row

:30 sec rest


Strength: 3 Rounds

Alt DB Floor Press x8-10ea

Ring Dips x10/8

Band Lat pulldown x20/15

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