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6.22.17 Thursday


6.22.17 Thursday


Mob: FR Ham/Quads x3m + 90/90 Hip Lift x5 breaths   


2 Rounds:

Wall press Leg lower x5e

Spiderman w Reach x5e

MB ATW x10e


Skill: Snatch Tech

1×5 PVC/BB Oly W/U    


6x 1 PS/1 FS (fl)/1 OHD squat @ 60-65%  

(opt to increase weight last two sets)    


Strength: Back Squat w Chains

4×3 @ RPE 8 (alt box and free)  


WOD:21-15-9 (7m Cap)

Cal Row

Burpees over the Rowe


Strength: 3 sets

HASD 3x100y

Wtd Ring Rows x8-10

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