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5.18.16 Wednesday


5.18.16 Wednesday



Mob: 90/90 Hip Lift x5 deep breaths + all 4 Belly Round x5 deep breaths (2 sets)


2 rounds:

Rev Lunge x6ea

Jumping jacks x8

MB Alt V-ups x10ea


Skill: DE Squat (alt free and Box)

8×2 @ 60%

30 sec plank between rounds


WOD: For Time (16min CAP)

Buy In 800m Run

then 5 rounds of

20 WB (20/14)

15 Burpees

Cash Out 800m Run


Strength: 3 rounds:

SB Ham Curls Tempo (Glute Bridges w band if no Ham curls) x15

BB Bent Row x10/8

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