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3.28.16 Monday


3.28.16 Monday



Mob: Deep Squat Breathing 2×5 Deep breaths/2×10 Wall Shoulder Flexion (back to wall with breathing)


3 rounds:

MB ATWs x10ea

MB CLeans x10

MB Alt V-Ups x10ea



Hollow/Supermans 2x5ea

Hollow Rocks 1×5

5 Sets of 10/8 UB T2B (5min CAP)


WOD: EMOM x10mins

Min1: 8/5 BW Bench Press

Min 2: 50 DU


Strength: 3 rounds

Tempo Ring Dips (3/3/1) x10/5

Strict T2B x10/5

Strict Chinups w 2 sec Pause at top x6-8  

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