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11.29.16 Tuesday


11.29.16 Tuesday



Mob: Softball Piriformis and Hip FLexors + Deep Squat Breathing x5 breaths  

2 Rounds:

KB Arm Bar x6e

High Tension Planks x30sec

Supine Leg Swing x10ea  


Skill: Jerk Skill

1×5 ea (Bar or PVC)     

then 5 sets of

3 Front Foot Stomp Jerks (Bar Only focus is speed)


Strength: 5 sets

Wall Press Leg Lower x5ea

KB Farmers Walk x100yd  


WOD: Partner Alt Rounds     5 Rounds each  (20min CAP)

40 DU

25 Cal

10 MB Situp-Toss   (20/14)


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