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11.1.17 Wednesday


11.1.17 Wednesday


Mob: Softball Hip Flexors/Piriformis x2min  + 90/90 Hip Lift x5 breaths


2 Rounds:

X Band Walks x20y

Inchworms w Pushup + Spiderman w 2 arm reach x5y each

MB Clean x10


Skill: BB Clean Tech

1×5 PVC/BB      

2×3 BB HPC

3×10 UB BB Cycling  

Choose a weight that is roughly 55-60% of Max Clean


Strength: SSB Box Squat Heavy Single (10m)


WOD: For Time

50 T2B

every time you break 30 DU


Addt’l:   3 sets

Banded KB Swing x15

Bent DB 1 Arm Row x15e

Weighted GHR x5-8       

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