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10.25.17 Wednesday


10.25.17 Wednesday


Mob: FR Lats/Thoracic Spine x2m + Deep Squat Breathing x5 breaths


2 rounds:

Pushup to Inchworm x6

Wall Press Deadbug x5e

Band ER x15e  


Skill: Hip Hinge Skill   

2x5ea Kneeling Hip Hinge/Wall Hip Hinge/PVC Pipe Hip Hinge   

2x5ea RDL to DL

KB Swing

American Swing


Strength: Floor Press 4×6 @ RPE 7


WOD: 4 Rounds of

45s KBS

15s Rest   

45s Cal Row or Bike

15s Rest   

45s HS Walk or HS Wall Facing Hold  

15s Rest


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