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10.13.17 Friday


10.13.17 Friday


Mob: Softball Traps/Infras x2min + Wall Slides/Sh Flexion x10


2 rounds:

Planks (High to Low) x8 (5lb plate on back)

Ring Row x10

Heel Touches w Plate x5e


Skill: Row Tech   

2×10 Legs Only (hip Ext)  2×10 W Arms  

3x1min Distance (same each time with stroke count between 28-20)


WOD: EMOM x20min

Min 1: Row 15cal

Min 2: Strict Dips 8-10  

Min 3: KB Goblet Carry x100y  

Min 4: Rest


Addt’l: 3 sets

Side Plank w Reach x8e

Elev Tempo Ring Row x6 (512)

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