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1.23.17 Monday


1.23.17 Monday



Mob: FR Lats and Thoracic Spine x2-3min + Wall Slides or Shoulder Flexion x10


2 Rounds:

Band Up Spread x10

Wall Press Leg Lower x5e

High to Low Plank x5


Skill:  Bar Skill    

PVC 2×5 Hollow/Superman/Rocks     


2×5 Box Bar Kipping C2B/Bar MU    


EMOM x 5mins    

5-8 Kipping C2B


Strength: Floor Press w Chains 4×5 @ RPE 7


WOD: 5 rounds   

45sec Sledgehammer

15s rest

45s Strict Pullups

15 sec rest

45s Weighted pushups

15s rest  

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